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Regarding skin problems, as you are well aware from that fact that every person has a different genetic make up that's why sensitivity and skin texture of various persons also vary from person to person. So if have a sensitive skin and are allergic to some natural products then avoid such tips and remedies that include certain ingredients which create allergic effects in your skin.

Hence to avoid such conditions, first of all try a small patch test on a small area of your skin if it create irritating or allergic effect then immediately remove that material and wash your skin with cold water. If your skin is extra sensitive then before going with any kind of home remedy first consult with your skin specialist then try that remedy on your skin.

If you are allergic to some Fruits, Seeds, Nuts and Herbs then avoid all those tips & remedies containing those ingredients that are allergic to you. Hence, it is highly recommended to Consult your Family doctor or Health physician first, before trying any Home Remedy or Beauty Tip at Home.

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