14 Best Home Remedies for Loose and Sagging Belly Skin

Sudden weight loss often results in loose or sagging skin.When body mass is lost at a faster rate than the skin can adjust then instead of tightening, your skin become loose and sagging. Weight loss 2-3 pounds per week is normal but more than this is not healthy and may result in Loose and sagging skin and give you distorted body shape. Loose or sagging skin may also results in stretch marks and hang off the body in loose folds.If you have Loose and sagging skin specially around your belly and waist then don't need to embarrass more because now you can tight your skin and can get back your charm simply by following some useful tips which are given below:

14 Best Tips To Tighten Loose and Saggy Belly Skin:

1. Skin Moisturization
When you reduce your body weight then your body naturally shrinks and needs some moisturizer to maintain elasticity. So try to apply good moisturizer on your skin specially before going to sleep.

2. Skin Exfoliation
Try to exfoliate and scrub your skin twice per week because it removes dead skin cells and prompt your skin to regenerate new skin cells at much faster rates.

3. Essential oil massage
Massage your saggy skin with essential oils such as coconut oil or olive oil. These oils improve blood circulating in the area where your skin is sagging. As a result, tissues and muscles underneath the skin will tighten.

4. Mustard Oil Massage
Mustard oil(Sarso ka Tel) massage is also considered best to tighten loose skin because it not only give moisturizer to skin but also help to develop muscles and give you healthy glowing skin.

5. Almond Oil Massage
Almond oil massage is also considered good for treatment of sagging skin because Almond oil has a high percentage of Vitamin E and a good antioxidant, that`s why not only help to cure sagging skin but also help for removing fine lines and wrinkles.

6. Protein rich foods
Increase intake of protein rich food in your diet plan because protein help to produce new muscles and increase skin strength and firmness. Eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, nuts, low fat milk and whey protein are best examples of protein rich foods.

7. Omega-3 fatty acids Rich Foods
Increase intake of Omega-3 fatty acids because they helps to hold moisture in skin and makes it look younger and firmer.Eat fish and seafood such as tuna, oysters, and salmon regularly because they are good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.

8. Tomato, Cucumber and raw coconut
Try to increase the intake of fresh tomato, cucumber, and raw coconut because they improve skin’s elasticity and prevent it from sagging.

9. Replace big meals with small meals

Improper and over diet intake also results in obesity and sagging belly. Instead of having 2 or 3 heavy meals you should divide your meal into 4 or 5 small meals. Don't over stuff your stomach with heavy food which bulges out the sensitive skin of your stomach.

10. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Avoid oily snacks and fried food. Replace oily and junk foods with fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables with lots of vitamins, minerals,  ions and several important nutrients not only rejuvenate your skin but also helps a lot to tighten your loose belly skin.

11. Drink lots of water 
Try to drink lots of water and daily drink at least 10 to 12 glasses.Water not only keeps your skin hydrated but also helps to flush out toxins from body. Hydration is key to tightening your skin so increase your water intake.

12. Abs Toning Exercise

Abs toning exercise also help tighten abdominal skin and help to regain original shape. You can perform various abs toning exercises even at your home.

13. Stomach Crunches

Stomach crunches also help a lot to loose belly fat and help a lot to get firm and tight belly muscles. For stomach crunches you don't need to join a gym because you can perform them simply at your home floor.

14. Muscle Building Exercises
Try to take regular muscle building exercise at least for half an hour. Avoid excessive weight loss exercise which may further cause loose and sagging skin. Muscle building exercise like weight lifting create new muscle fibers and also help free hanging skin to attach with muscles and make you able to get back your healthy tight skin.