Best Pre-Workout Foods For Women To Burn Fat Quickly

Eating some right kinds of snacks before gym workout is a sensible idea to prevent muscle cramps and give you enough energy for gym workout. You don't need to eat a huge breakfast before running or gym workout. Just have some light snacks for quick fuel and you can eat breakfast afterwards. Carbs foods are better than protein snacks because they are easily digestible and provide you quick fuel for gym workout. Try to eat simple cards and avoid complex carbs because they can take more time to digest. Best food choices for Pre gym workout are given below:

Best Pre-Workout Foods For Women

Fresh Apple

You can eat a fresh apple on an empty stomach for quick fuel.

2. Fat Free Yogurt

You can also eat 1 cup of fat free yogurt before gym workout or running.

3. Wheat Bread

One slice of whole wheat bread or Brown Bread with one cup of tea.

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the best food choice before gym workout. Oats are full of fiber and therefore the carbohydrates from them are released into your bloodstream gradually, keeping your energy levels constant during your workout. You can eat one cup of oatmeal for quick fuel.

5. Almonds

Soak 7- 8 almonds in water overnight. Early morning peel them off and eat before gym workout.

6. Raisins

You can also eat 7-10 raisins before running or gym workout. Raisins are simple carbs and provide you an immediate source of energy .

(If you are Diabetic patient before eating raisins must consult with your Doctor)

7. Lemon Water

If you don't have any desire of eating any thing before gym workout you can simply drink a glass of plain water mixed with 1 teaspoon of Lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of pure honey.