Best Low Fat and Low Carb Foods For Weight Loss

Low carbs and Low Fat Foods are excellent for weight loss purpose. Such foods not only burn your unwanted fat cells but also help you to prevent heart diseases, strokes and many other health problems. A List of low carbs and low fat foods is given below:

Low Fat and Low Carb Foods For Weight Loss


Apples, apricots,avocados, pineapple and strawberries are good fruits choices but avoid canned fruits because they contain more sugar which is also carbohydrate.


Asparagus, spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, celery, carrots, cucumbers,fennel, radishes, cabbage,cauliflower,tomatoes, onions, pumpkin,kale, Collard greens and Coriander are vegetables which are low in carbohydrates and contain a very small amount of fat.


Wild-caught Salmon, Cod and Tuna fish are low in carbs and contain low but healthy fats. Try to eat baked or grilled fish because for cooking they require less oil.


Chicken breast and thighs are good food choices for low carb and low fat foods. For weight loss purpose baked or grilled chicken is better than fried chicken.

Egg Whites

Egg whites are high in protein but very low in carbs and fats.Boiled egg whites are best for weight loss.

Low Fat Dairy Products

Low-fat yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese are also good and healthy food choices specially for weight loss.

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