Best Diet Chart For Quick Weight Loss at Home

People spend a lot of money on buying weight loss pills or go with surgical programs to get rid of excessive fat. Both of these methods are very expensive and unaffordable for common people. Many People even join gym to reduce excessive weight but don`t follow the right diet chart and unfortunately don`t get the required results even after hectic gym workout. If you are over weight and want to loss excessive weight you should follow the right diet chart. Best diet chart for weight loss are given below:

Diet Chart For Quick Weight loss

Early Morning about 7am:

Drink a glass οf slightly hot water wіth juice οf one lemon іn іt because vitamin C in lemon helps a lot to increase body's metabolic rate and also help to burn excessive fat. You can also add half teaspoon of honey with lemon juice.

Breakfast about 8am:

3-4 bread slices with boiled egg white and with one cup of tea. If you don't like to eat boiled egg white then you can use cooked oatmeal with yogurt.

Lunch about 2pm:

About 200g boiled meat (chicken or mutton) To improve taste you can add some salt and black pepper. Instead of meat you can also eat boiled vegetables and use fresh vegetables as salad. Tomato, cucumber, radish and carrots are best as salad. Alternatively you can also consume a bowel of fresh fruits salad as lunch.

About 5pm:

Eat at least one Fruit rich in Vitamin C (Orange, Pomegranate, Grape fruit, Pineapple, Guava or Apple)

Dinner about 8pm:

3-4 bread slices or simply 1 Roti with 1 cup Yogurt(dahi) or boiled vegetables.

Try to strictly follow above diet chart and get a quick result within few days.