10 Best Tips To Treat Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction or Sex addiction is an uncontrolled behavior of a person who has an uncontrolled and intense Sex drive and is constantly obsessed with sex or sexual thoughts. Sexual addiction affects all spheres of the addict’s life including personal, official and social relationships because a sexual addict`s mind is constantly dominated by sexual thoughts which makes it difficult for him to work and maintain a healthy personal and social relationships. Severe conditions of Sexual addictions may lead to other illegal and immoral activities such as rape, molestation, sexual harassment, sodomy, exhibitionism, cyber sex (Phone or computer sex) and stalking.
However, here we have some best tips to treat this problem but always keep in mind that recovery from sexual addiction is a gradual process and takes some time so don't be desperate if you don't get the quick results but if you have a strong will power and strictly act upon given solutions, you can definitely overcome this problem and can successfully beat the sexual addiction.

Best Tips to Treat Sexual Addiction

1. Stay Away from Sexual Stimulants

First of all you should avoid all kinds of sexual stimulants. Avoid contact with pornography materials and don`t visit porn site. Try to install anti-porn software in your computer, tablets and smartphones. Leave company of all those friends who evoke sex urge in you.

2. Relax your Mind by Other Relaxing Techniques

Sometimes emotional or psychological trauma due to the break up of a marriage or love-life, stress due to the loss of a job or loss in business may be associated with sexual addiction. In such conditions, people usually try to get little satisfaction by sexual relationships including multiple affairs (extra-marital affairs), multiple or anonymous sexual partners or one-night stands that may lead to sexual addiction. Instead of sexual activities such people should try to relax your mind by other mind relaxing techniques such as deep breathing and yoga, etc. In addition, such people should try to pursue nonsexual relationship with other persons and try to become more social and should take part in charitable or volunteer activities. They can still have satisfying relationships without having sex.

3. Engage Your Body in Other Physical Activities

Engage your body in some physical activities like sports, exercise or yoga. Keep your body busy and active so that you don't feel physically frustrated from not having sex.

4. Divert Your Attention

Whenever a sexual thought comes into your mind, immediately try to change your mind and divert your attention towards something more interesting.To divert your mind from the constant thought of sex you can start playing your favourite game or keep yourself busy in prayer or reading interesting books. If you don`t like book reading then try to listen your favourite music or Watch an interesting TV Channel Like Discovery or Nat Geo.

5. Never Remain Alone With Idle Mind

Never remain alone with idle mind because idle mind is more prone to sexual thoughts, so always try to keep yourself busy in official or social work. If you are student then keep yourself busy in study or try to join company of good friends and family members.

6. Avoid Masturbation

Avoid masturbation. Whenever you have an urge to masturbate, divert your mind towards nonsexual activities and engage yourself in some other activity until the feeling passes.

7. Stay away from Alcohol and Drugs

Stay away from alcohol and all kinds of drugs that may increase your sexual urge. If you are addicted to alcohol or any other kind of drug, you must consult your problem with a medical health adviser or doctor.

8. Spiritual and Holy Activities

Sometimes spiritual and holy activities also help a lot to treat sexual addiction. You can perform various spiritual and holy activities such as prayer, fasting, worship, etc to stay away from sex or sexual thoughts.

9. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is an other way to treat sexual addiction. Psychotherapy can help a sex addict cope with uncontrollable urges, work on changing distorted thinking, and handle anxiety by applying specific behavior changes. Choose a suitable and reliable therapist who has experience treating compulsive sexual behavior.

10. Medication

Medication also help a lot to treat sexual addiction. Some medications for sexual addiction block sexual urges. For example, Anti-androgens inhibit the effects of sex hormones to prevent arousal. Such medications are given to severe addicts because they reduce sex hormones, which minimizes sexual urges and compulsions. Anti-androgens are often used in men whose compulsive sexual behavior is dangerous to others. After consulting a medical doctor you can start medication to treat sexual addiction.