5 Steps For Quick Skin Cleansing at Home

Clean, clear and beautiful skin is a natural desire of every one. Accumulation of dirt, dust, pollution and  skin damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays are some common causes behind dull, rough and uneven skin texture.
However, for smooth, glowing and flawless skin your skin requires deep cleansing at least once a weak. For deep skin cleansing you don't need to buy expensive commercial products because now you can naturally cleanse you skin at home simply by following some steps which are given below:

Quick Skin Cleansing at Home

1. Natural Cleanser
First of all remove all kinds of make up and then apply a good natural cleanser on your face and neck and cleanse your skin.
2. Skin Scrubbing
Now according to your skin type(Oily, Dry or Sensitive) apply a good scrubber by gently massaging it into the skin and let it dry.

3. Skin Steaming

After drying use the face steamer to steam your face to open skin pores. Steaming hydrates and softens the skin to remove dirt and blackheads.
You can also steam your face at home simply cover your head with towel fill a sink or wash basin with hot boiling water and steam your face about 20cm away from the boiling water.Steam your face and neck at least for 5-10 minutes.

4. Blackheads Removing
Now after steaming cover your fingers with tissue paper and gently remove blackheads. You can also remove the blackheads either with blackhead removing lotion or you can also use salt and soap and apply on the affected area.

5. Closing Skin Pores
Now to close skin pores apply ice-cubes or wash your face with ice cold water to close skin pores. Now finally pat dry your skin with help of soft and clean towel or tissue paper.