Nutrients and Health Benefits of Plum(Alu bukhara)

Health Benefits of Plum(Alu bukhara)are given below:
  • (1)Plums are very good source of vitamin A and beta carotene. Theses compounds are essential for maintaining good vision and healthy mucus membranes.
  • (2)Plums prevent age-related macular degeneration  which is the main cause of poor vision or vision loss in older persons.
  • (3)Plum are a good source of dietary fibers which help to lower bad cholesterol and help to prevent constipation.
  • (4)Plums help in absorption of iron in the body and hence help a lot to increase blood production.
  • (5)Plum are rich source of anti-oxidants which fight against skin damaging free radicals and slow down aging process.
  • (6)Plums prevent blood platelet clotting which may lead to many diseases such as Artherosclerosis, High Blood pressure, Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke. Hence Plum reduce the risk of all theses diseases.
  • (7)Plum not only stop the growth of breast cancer cells but also reduce the risk of Breast cancer.
  • (8)Dried plums (prunes) help to restore bone mass and prevent from osteoporosis.
  • (9)Plums are good source of citric acid that prevent fatigue and muscle cramp.
  • (10)High fibers contents in Plums improve the performance of digestive track and keep you healthy and energetic.

Nutritional Value Per 100g Plum:

100g Plum contains following Nutrients:
    Plums (Prunus domestica), fresh,
    Nutrition value per 100 g.
    (Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)
    Energy 46 Kcal 2.3%
    Carbohydrates 11.42 g 8%
    Protein 0.70 g 1%
    Total Fat 0.28 g 1%
    Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
    Dietary Fiber 1.40 g 3.5%
    Folates 5 µg 1%
    Niacin 0.417 mg 3%
    Pantothenic acid 0.135 mg 3%
    Pyridoxine 0.029 mg 2%
    Riboflavin 0.026 mg 2%
    Thiamin 0.028 mg 2%
    Vitamin A 345 IU 11.5%
    Vitamin C 9.5 mg 16%
    Vitamin E 0.26 mg 2%
    Vitamin K 6.4 µg 5%
    Sodium 1 mg 0%
    Potassium 157 mg 3%
    Calcium 6 mg 0.6%
    Copper 0.057 mg 6%
    Iron 0.17 mg 2%
    Magnesium 7 mg 2%
    Manganese 0.052 mg 2%
    Phosphorus 16 mg 2%
    Selenium 1.0 µg 2%
    Zinc 0.10 mg 1%
    Carotene-ß 190 µg --
    Crypto-xanthin-ß 35 µg --
    Lutein-zeaxanthin 73 µg --