10 Best Tips to Stop Masturbation

Masturbation is a sexual stimulation in which a person excites his/her sexual organs to get sexual pleasure until orgasm(sexual climax) is reached. In other words it is also called "Sexual intercourse" with oneself. In Men "Masturbation" is a condition in which they excite their Sexual organs to release semen secretion. In women "Masturbation" is a condition in which they stimulate their clitoris in a variety of ways until they obtain an orgasm. However, either you are male or female "Excessive Masturbation" is hazardous to your Health so no one should become a slave of this Cheap Habit. Let's have a look on some side effects of excessive masturbation.

Side Effects of Excessive Masturbation

If you are addicted to masturbation then don`t need to embarrass more because now you can quit this Hazardous Habit by Following some simple tips that are given below:


10 Best Tips To Stop Masturbation

1. Avoid Watching Porn

First of all you need to adopt a "Strict Attitude" about quitting this habit. Stop watching Blue or Porn Films and avoid contact with pornographic materials. Such contents arouse Sexual desire.So immediately avoid them.
If you have the tendency to masturbate while watching porn or blue films on computers or laptops , try moving your computer or laptops into a room where others can see you. If you have a tendency to watch pornographic material on your personal laptops, tablets or smart phones then set up some porn-blocking software on your laptops, tablets and smart phones.

2. Don't Remain Alone

Never remain alone with idle mind because idle mind is more prone to sexual thoughts so always try to keep yourself busy in official or social work. If you are student then keep yourself busy in study or try to join company of good friends and family members.

3. Avoid Company of Bad Friends with Bad Influence

If you have some friends who have addiction of Sexual intercourse even before marriage and also enjoy to masturbate then leave their company.Your Loose character friends may influence the Positivity of your mind and may reinduce the desire of masturbation so better to leave the company of such Cheap Friends and adopt company of Good friends having positive influence.

4. Replace your Desire with Something More interesting and Exciting

Whenever you are alone and induce the desire of Masturbation then first thing you have to do is to replace your desire with something more interesting and exciting thing which could change your mind. At that moment just close your eyes, take a deep breath and think about yourself and about your favourite game, food, or anything else which may divert your mind.

5. Change Your Mind and Divert your Attention

When intense sex drive come into your mind then immediately try to change your mind and divert your attention towards something else. Try to keep yourself busy in prayer or reading interesting books. If you don`t like book reading then try to listen your favourite music or Watch an interesting TV Channel Like Discovery or Nat Geo.

6. Eating to Change Your Mind

If you have this problem in bed, keep mints, candy or healthy snacks next to your bed. Sometimes eating a snack or even smell of a delicious snack works wonder to change your mind.

7. Spiritual Activities

Sometimes spiritual activities really work wonder to divert your mind and help a lot to quit this habit. So try to keep yourself neat, clean, pure and sacred and don`t stuff your mind with unnecessary sexual thoughts but whenever such thoughts come in your mind get busy in some spiritual activity to divert your mind and attention.
If you have this habit before, during or after bath then Pray before entering the bathroom and ask for divine help to stay away from this habit. While washing your body touch yourself as little as possible just enough to get clean.

8. Relax your Mind

Try to remain de-stress and relax your mind because stress is one of the leading cause behind masturbation. Sometimes people who are under a lot of stress try to feel good by masturbating. However, the feeling of well-being brought about by masturbation is temporary and you may experience fatigue or feelings of guilt even after some time.
So instead of masturbation, try to relax your mind by relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breathing and massage therapy.  All these  techniques are very beneficial not only in relieving stress, but also help you feel good about yourself.

9. Adopt a Habit of Regular Exercise

For some persons masturbating is just a way of releasing the excess energy that is gradually build u, due to lack of adequate physical activity. By adopting a habit of regular exercise and by following a routine of healthy workout  will not only keep you physically fit but can also reduce the need to masturbate excessively and will definitely help to quit this habit.

10. Believe IN Yourself

Lastly, just Believe in yourself and have a strong faith in your abilities and always remember that everything is under your control and you are not under their control. With sufficient confidence and strong will power you can definitely overcome this habit.