16 Natural Foods to improve Sexual Stamina(Endurance)

Sexual health is important for both husband and wife for a good and everlasting relationship.It is natural desire of every husband to have more stamina and sexual power than his wife. Men often feel embarrassment if they are unable to fully satisfy their partners but now you don`t need to embarrass more because now you can improve your sexual power simply by following some natural Tips which are given below:

16 Natural Foods to increase Sexual Stamina

(1)Blueberries are considered best to increase sexual power.It increase blood flow to the penis during sex and cause firmer and longer erections.
(2)Try to eat Figs(Anjeer) because these are high in amino acids which are believed to increase sexual desire and also improve sexual stamina.
(3)Peanuts are also considered good for increasing sexual stamina in men.
(4)Bananas not only increase sexual stamina but also increase body's energy level during sexual activity.
(5)Try to include eggs in your diet because eggs are high in vitamins B6 and B5 and improve level of sexual hormones.
(6)Asparagus is rich in vitamin E, which is considered to stimulate the production of sex hormones Testosterone and plays an important role to increase sexual power.
(7)Avocado contain high levels of folic acid, vitamin B6 and potassium all these nutrients help a lot to improve sexual stamina.
(8)Celery is important for sexual stimulation and is also considered good for sexual health.
(9)Try to eat some cloves of raw garlic because it increase the blood flow to the sexual organs and also improve sexual stamina.
(10)Oysters contains a large amount of zinc, which is important for production of testosterone, sperm, and semen.Testosterone production control sexual desire, vigor and sexual stamina in men.Deficiency in zinc may results in sexual dysfunction, impotency and many other sexual problems.So try to include Oyster in your diet to improve your overall sexual health.
(11)Dates(Khajur) are also very beneficial for increasing sexual stamina. Dates are excellent source of carbohydrates and dietary fibers. They also contain a good amount of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 and small amount of Vitamin A1. Dates(khajur) not only improve overall energy level but also increase sexual power..
(12)Use of Curd(yogurt) is considered very effective to cure Sexual impotence and also increase sexual power.
(13)Try to eat fruits high in Vitamin C because it improve the blood circulation not only in overall body but also to the penis and keep erection for longer time and hence improve overall stamina and energy level during sexual intercourse.
(14)Try to include more vitamin E into your daily diet because Vitamin E help raise the testosterone levels in your body.Vitamin E not only increase your sex drive but also improve your sexual stamina.
(15)Foods rich in iron such as lean red meat, eggs and dark green leafy vegetables also help to  increase your sex power.
(16)Cherries, Strawberries, and red or green grapes not only increase sex drive but also increase sexual stamina.